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I am a Mother of 2 kids, my partner is a business owner and I work full-time hours. I have to admit time is scarce and our diet is often one of the areas that suffers as a result of our busy lifestyle. I enjoy cooking and anyone who knows me will confirm- I love food. There is something rewarding and therapeutic about nourishing your family. Selecting all of the fresh produce, cutting and grating and cooking it up. In addition, there is nothing more rewarding than the voice of my 4 year old son stating: “Mummy you made the best dinner I ever tasted!” This is one of many reasons why I love to cook. In conclusion, you can read the support and other dietary tips from Mindset, Wellness & Life Coach Kirsty Cutting– our expert from Mackay, Queensland.

14 Night, meal plans

So for two weeks in advance I like to plan our dinner menu. All using fresh produce and things that can be purchased at our local markets, Coles, Aldi or Woolworths. I have used the Coles online service to get rough budget prices on each item so I can help plan our annual food budget. 

Below is a simple example of how I plan our menu for a family of 4 so that we eat healthy, shop efficiently and keep life and eating simple. All so that we grow healthy, wealthy and wise. I am planning on taking my lists to a nutritionist to adjust our diet so it is most efficient. 

Shopping List 1- Sunday

Shopping List 2- Wednesday

Shopping List 3- Sunday

Shopping List 4- Wednesday

Edit this Plan and Make it your Own

If you click on the icon above you can download the Excel document that I created and adjust the content to suit your own dietary preferences. If you send me an email I can create something specifically to your needs or requirements also. 

Make shopping, budgeting and cooking that much easier with a dinner guide, planning out 14 days of home cooked meals for your family. Start living your best life today! 

Obese is defined as noun
– the state of being fat or overweight.
While pregnant I rapidly put on 25 kilograms. It made my life so much harder. In addition, I added so much more strain on my joints and agility. Australian obesity is growing rapidly. Nutrition and whole foods is the best place to focus when trying to become more healthy! 

Summary of Shopping 1- Sunday

Marinated roast beef $18.28

Pork Sausages $5

Brown Basmati Rice $4.05

Stir-Fry Kit (on sale) $0.60

Green Beans $2.50

Coles Wholmeal bread $3.20 (I was charged for 2 and only received 1)

Broccoli Head $1.85

Red Capsicum $0.92


Total Spend - Shop 1, Sunday 3 meals for a family of 4.
Super simple dinners, meal plan day 2
Budget meal plan

A Review of our meal planning by Wellness Coach Kirsty Cutting

I would try incorporate more different types of veggies, try eat all the colours of the rainbows.

Your menu is actually really good. 👏🏻 I would focus on the quality of the foods you are using.

Getting organic for fresh foods that don’t have an outer layer/covering, making your own sauces/base to the meals rather than buying pre-packaged jars.

But from what I can see it’s really good, and it just depends how in depth you want to go with getting it healthy 😊

For breakfast try to skip cereals loaded with added sugar and always read their nutritional information (under 10g per 100g is a good rule of thumb). Alternatively opt for things like yoghurt and fruit. Try high protein options like eggs that will keep you going for longer during the day.

For lunch I recommend a larger size, and eat your smallest meal at dinner. So if you can manage with making your lunch the size of what most would consider to be like a typical dinner meal size that would work great!

With the kids for lunches get creative using lots of fruit and veggie sticks. Avoid anything processed and lean more towards wraps than sandwiches.

If you want more let me know and I can create a specialised meal plan that will promote your lifestyle and well being by contacting me HERE.

Wellness & Life Coach from Mackay

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